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Mountains, Gods, and the Tupacs (not the rapper)

iSeptember 7jPeople in Ecuador

After Sunday morning yoga class today where the inspiration was the strength of the mountains, I was inspired to discover more about the spirituality of the Andes in the Incan culture. The Andes is the longest running continental mountain range in the world spanning 7 countries from Venezuela to Argentina.   At its height, the Incan empire covered a large percentage of the Andean rang... read more

Repunte: The Ecuadorian Cowboy

Feeling a little tired of the same ol’ same ol’?  Burnt out from your 9 – 5?  Then why not fulfill a childhood fantasy and sign up to drive some cattle?  That was never your fantasy, you say?  Well, I didn’t say you were the child in question.  A little egocentric, aren’t we?  Anyway, why not make like Billy Crystal, wrangle some cattle, ... read more

Best Place to Retire in the World in 2013. Guess where?

Ready to retire?  I know I am.  If you don’t have two and half minutes to spare, here’s the important stuff.Nearly 350,000 Americans get their Social Security benefits overseas- up 46% from a decade ago.  4,000 Americans are now living in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Not to mention the rest of the country.  I didn’t know you could get your money overseas.  I... read more

If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?

Hey Travellers! Remember when you were a kid and your mom said, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” Then you had to back down from whatever you were about to do because your mom was right? She always was, even though you told her she wasn’t, you hated to admit it, and you usually told your friends that you didn’t care what your mom said; you were... read more

Otavalo Handcraft Market

iNovember 5jPeople in Ecuador

Traveling north from Quito, you will reach the province of Imbabura. This hospitable region is depicted by it gorgeous lakes and its world famous Handicraft Indigenous Market. This markets which stretches many city blocks is considered one of the most important and largest indigenous handicraft markets in South America.The “Otavaleños” (Native group of this region) are one... read more