Ecuador A Country to Explore


Travelers describe Ecuador as a place where four vastly different worlds come as one. In Ecuador, you can explore the magic on the Amazon jungle, stand in the breathtaking Andes mountains, relax in the warm Pacific Ocean, or even visit the legendary Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is a country to explore.

Top 10 Reasons


The 1st Reason to Visit Ecuador

Ecuador is 1 of only 17 "Mega-Diverse" countries in the world. Many visitors describe this country as the "Hidden Jewel of South America" Ecuador is one of the world's most biodiverse countries with more species of plants (25,000) than entire North America, and also is proud of being home to over one-sixth of the world's bird species. Amongst international travelers, Ecuador has built a reputation to discover something new and different. at each step.


The 2nd Reason to Visit Ecuador

Travel to a place that locals and visitors describe as the "Eternal Spring"

Ecuador enjoys mild spring-like weather conditions year-round with a gorgeous temperature of 65º This makes Ecuador an ideal place to visit any time of the year enjoying the beauty of this place and living up the dream under the sun in the middle of the world!


The 3rd Reason to Visit Ecuador

In Ecuador, you can visit the "Middle of the World", a place where the French Geodesic Commission measured the circumference of the earth in the 1700s. Ecuador names originates from the equatorial line, dividing the world in two hemispheres. At 0º latitude, you can place one foot on each hemisphere!


The 4th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Quito is a cosmopolitan city, where colonial architecture blends with modern life. It provides visitors with incomparable scenery surrounded by the breath taking Andes Mountains. On its colonial center, Quito offers narrow cobblestones streets, a maze maze of churches, and history and tradition in every corner. Each site adds a different flavor to the local scenery, and will become an becomes an unforgettable memory for every visitor.


The 5th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Often, we are asked how long will it take to get to Ecuador? Well, we have great news for you! There are direct flights to Ecuador from many cities across the U.S. For example, if you travel from Miami, Ecuador is a short 3.5 hour flight. Ecuador awaits for you to explore, hike, relax, learn, and meet friendly locals proud of their country .


The 6th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Get a real taste of this country. A great reason to visit Ecuador is that its food is as diverse as this country. Local dishes include delicious combinations of beef, pork, seafood, beans, rice, yucca, potatoes, and a local staple spicy sauce made fresh in every Ecuadorian home. When you travel to Ecuador, you can expect to enjoy freshly squeezed juice daily, plenty of fruits, and fresh produces.


The 7th Reason to Visit Ecuador

A tour of Ecuador will not be completed without coming face to face with one of its dormant giant guardians. In other words, Ecuador's scenery has plenty to offer, and over 20 volcanoes along the Andes Mountains make this a unique destination.


The 8th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Ecuador is great destination that will surprise when you learn that it offers so much in a territory no bigger that the state of Nevada. Ecuador is easy to explore, and a small setting will allow travelers to see numerous destinations without riding in a vehicle all day. Have you imagined traveling from the Pacific Ocean to one of the highest mountains on earth, and then visiting the jungle. Well in Ecuador, you can do that in one day!


The 9th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Did you know that Ecuador formed part of the Northern Inca Empire territory until the Spanish conquest? When you travel to Ecuador you will have the opportunity to learn about its culture, traditions, and history. Nested in the Andes mountains, Quito played a central role in the Inca empire. Learn about this past and from a civilization that was thriving before the Spanish Conquest


The 10th Reason to Visit Ecuador

Travel to Ecuador to buy yourself an authentic "Panama" hat

That is right, the world famous Panama hat is actually made in Ecuador. During the construction of the Panama canal, thousands of these hats were exported by the Ecuadorian government for workers in the canal. Then, Theodore Roosevelt was pictured wearing one and these hats were dubbed "Panama Hats" Since then, these hats gained popularity by great figures such as Ernest Hemingway and Paul Newman. Woven entirely by hand in Ecuador from fronds of the toquilla palm, this is a perfect souvenir.